Adirondack Hike: Coney Mountain, take 2.

fullsizeoutput_2804Today my dad and I, and my dog Riley, hiked Coney Mountain. Sounds familiar? It is! I hiked this one earlier this month when I went solo, but there was no view due to clouds and rain. Today, it was brilliant out! Pretty toasty though, would have preferred much cooler weather.

Riley did well! It was his first hike. We’ve been on countless walks, many longer than today, but never anything with much of an incline. This was a 2 mile hike round trip, and about 500 feet in elevation gain, nothing too crazy.

Views were great! Riley seemed to enjoy himself too, especially the stop in Tupper Lake on the way home to cool off in the water.

I think this will be my last post before I’m off to Hawaii!! (Maybe oneee more before I leave, we’ll see!) We’re off Monday morning!!

All Coney Mountain Photos Here

Coney Mountain
Coney Mountain

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