Adirondacks: Whiteface Mountain

Hey world, I’m back. I have a lot to share with you about my life in general, but a few days ago my dad and I drove out to Lake Placid and went to Whiteface Mountain. Unfortunately, we didn’t hike the whole thing – honestly, it is way above our experience level. There is a road, called the Veterans Memorial Highway that you can drive up to almost the summit. It’s about 5 miles long?

The road takes you to about 4600 feet in elevation, then you can hike the last 200 feet in elevation to the summit. It is about .25 miles, it was not a hard hike my any means, a little tricky in places. But the view was spectacular.

When we first arrived at the bottom, the attendant told us there was no visibility from the top, but we already drove three hours to get there, so we weren’t turning around now. Took us a few minutes to drive to the top, maybe 10 or so. When we got there, we were greeted by clouds, literally being in the clouds. We were so high in elevation that our view was blocked because there were clouds.

We set out for the quick walk to the top and slowly the clouds started to fade away and we were greeted with a magnificent view. Photos do not do this justice!
Whiteface Mountain, Adirondacks

Please check out the entire album here. 

There are some amazing shots. I’ll share my faves here. We’re off to another hike on Monday!

Whiteface Mountain, Adirondacks

Whiteface Mountain, Adirondacks
This is looking up from the trail, you can see the summit, there are two buildings, one for data collection the second has information on the mountain.


Whiteface Mountain, Adirondacks
Here is a shot of the highway you can take to the top.


Whiteface Mountain, Adirondacks
Here is a view of the beginning part of the walkway, a nice set of stone stairs before to start walking up some rocks.

You’re the shit.

If you have read anything I’ve posted, I do want to travel. I want to see the world and experience it all. I’ve been lucky enough to travel some in my lifetime, but I want to see more. My personal life is changing, a lot. Here I am, single, after almost six years. (That is a long time.)

It’s been an interesting last month. My relationship ended, I was supposed to be getting married in just under two months. But, that isn’t happening now. As much as it sucks, I’m okay. I’m sad about it all. It makes me sad to know that we couldn’t work it out, and that is just wasn’t meant to be. We had a lot invested with each other, and just a lot of memories together.

But it’s okay. What is this post about? It’s about being yourself and not settling for anything but what you deserve. Don’t let how difficult the near future will be stop you from doing it. You’re worth it. You’re the shit and don’t let anyone else make you feel different.

Right now my life feels like I’m going through a divorce but not actually going through a divorce. But, I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time. I’m finding myself. I’m turning 26 in less than three weeks. I’ve been living a healthy lifestyle since March and I’m down 30 pounds – but I’m gaining so much more.

I’m confident in my own skin. I bought a bikini to wear in Hawaii. I can’t wait to get away for a week. I’m my own person, I’m finding out what I really enjoy in life and making the most of it.

Life is too short to not be happy. Don’t be unhappy. Screw everyone else who doesn’t make you their number one. You deserve to be the number one. Go be you.


Adirondack Hike: Mount Arab

Two hikes in one week?! Today I hiked Mount Arab, located outside Tupper Lake, in the Adirondacks in New York. Beautiful hike. Though, it was a bit buggy and honestly the top of the mountain had a lot of trees, so the views were a bit hindered. There was a fire tower though, and the views from there were superb.

It was just over 2 miles total, there and back. Just over 2500 feet in elevation, about a 700 foot gain. The trail itself was much easier than Bald Mountain from earlier in the week. It was a muddy though in some spots. Not too hot either, which makes the whole thing easier!

Again, I took some awesome photos! Here is the link to the whole album.

Now to plan the next hike! Not this week, unfortunately my work schedule is a bit shitty – I have tomorrow off but have an eye appointment and then I’m not off for 7 days. #retailproblems.

Nevertheless, here are some of my faves!

Mount Arab - August 2017

Mount Arab - August 2017

Mount Arab - August 2017

Adirondack Hike: Bald Mountain

Kinda a last minute thing, but my dad and I went for a hike today! We went to Bald Mountain, just outside of Old Forge, NY in the Adirondacks. It was a short hike, about a mile there and a mile back. We’ve never been hiking together and I’ve only been to two other ADK mountains.

I took some amazing photos. The view was amazing and the weather was great. Took us about an hour and a half or so to complete, but we did spend sometime at the top. There was a fire tower at the top, which I did climb up, because why not?

I’m thinking there will be more of these hikes in the near future!

Here are some photos from the trip! Want to see more? Check out the album here.

Bald Mountain - August 2017

Bald Mountain - August 2017

Bald Mountain - August 2017

Where would you want to go?

In the spirt of travel, tell me, where would you want to go? If you could take a vacation anywhere, where would you go? What would you want to do? Who would you go with?

I do have a few places on my travel list, including some I will be visiting in the next twelve months. But, when I think about places I’d want to visit that are not on my list – mostly due to costs, I can think of a few.


Fiji! Because it’s just beautiful. I honestly thought it would be more expensive to visit. When I was writing this, I looked it up. It would cost me $3000 for a week in Fiji, with flights! Might need to add this to the list much sooner than I thought! I’d love to scuba dive here and just relax on the beach. I’d try some water sports out for sure, but the swim up bar and I will be best friends.


Next one list is Iceland. I do prefer warmer weather, but this place is gorgeous. And honestly, it can be affordable. I’d want to make the most of this trip and see everything I could see.


At the top of my “wish” list would be Bora Bora. I’d love to visit the Four Seasons there and stay in a bungalow over the water. The blue water is just stunning, and the views from the bungalow aren’t too shabby either. Care to know the cost? The lowest cost bungalow was $1400 per night! If I went? I’d want to bask in the sun and enjoy myself. Go see the sights and take everything in I can!


So, where would you want to go?

Hawaii: Wild Side Speciality Tours

Here is my second post on the plans for my Hawaii trip, coming up this fall. I’ve never seen dolphins the wild. I’ve never seen whales either. I do scuba dive, so I’ve seen some sea turtles. I wanted to do some sort of snorkel trip while we where on Oahu, but I didn’t want to do an overcrowded one. A lot of the ones leaving from Honolulu looked like they had over 40 people on the tour at one time. I’d feel more like a herd of cattle than a girl on vacation.

After some searching on Trip Advisor, I ended up booking a tour with Wild Side Specialty Tours. I booked their Best Of The West tour. My mother won’t be going with me, she hates boats. I’m pretty excited – there were almost all positive reviews. This company only allows at most 6 people on a tour at once and they have well educated crews they are all about conservation.

The tour is 3.5+ hours long and includes snorkeling, whale watching as well as dolphin swims. Hope the weather is beautiful that day! I’ll be sure to take photos as well as video to share.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 8.23.59 PMScreen Shot 2017-07-31 at 8.24.12 PM


Monday Weigh In!

It’s another weigh in Monday! I didn’t have as big as a loss as I’d wanted, but it is still a loss, and nothing to be ashamed of! Here are my starting stats!

Starting weight: 201.0 Pounds
Starting Date: March 11, 2017
Starting BMI: 35.6 (Height 5’3″)
Goal weight: 140ish
Goal BMI: 24 (Healthy range)

Weight today: 173.4, total loss of 27.6 pounds!

Weekly loss: – 1 Pound

(I was down to 173, butttt you know how that goes sometimes.)

I’ve been keeping strong for 143 days! It’s nearly my 5 month anniversary too, it will be here soon! So here’s to another strong week!