A Day In Boston

Yesterday, we came home from Boston. Even thought we really only had one full day there, it was a nice trip. The weather wasn’t the greatest, but all that matter is the game went on – and it did!

IMG_1686 We started out the morning with breakfast at The Paramount, a small restaurant near Beacon Hill in Boston. We both ordered the chocolate Boston cream pancakes, and they were delicious!

After breakfast, we walked around some, stopped in some shops before heading to the Prudential Center. I’ve been here before, and gone to the top for the amazing views from the sky of the city. Even though the sun wasn’t out, there were still great views.




In the top photo you see Boston towards the harbor. In the bottom center of the photo, you can see the blue bridge looking thing, that’s the finish line for the Boston Marathon, which is happening Monday! It was really neat to see the finish line getting ready for the race. Workers were setting up bleachers as well as other structures for the race. In the Botton photo, you can see Fenway and the iconic Citgo sign, a staple of Boston.

IMG_1696 After this, we went down to the harbor area and sought out a place for lunch. We ended up going to the original Regina Pizza, located in the North End. All they served was pizza, and it was really good pizza.

After pizza, we went to find a great cannoli place, which the area has plenty of. There are a lot of great Italian bakeries in the area. We went to Mike’s Pastry, a short walk from the pizza shop, and the cannoli was simply amazing!

After that, we started getting ready to go to Fenway. The game was great, Boston beat the Yankees 14 – 1. We stopped at a bar near Fenway before the game, it was packed, then stopped at another one after. It was a little rainy before the game, but it stopped just in time. Here’s some shots of Fenway.


My Trip Home From Indy

I told you I’d share about my trip home! Since my flight was booked last minute, I booked Sunday for travel Friday, I didn’t have the best flight options. I needed to get from Indy to Syracuse, and there is never a direct flight between the two. Usually one stop, but this time, I had two.

My Lift arrived at 3:15 AM to take my to the airport, I’d never traveled out of IND before, and had no clue what to expect. Let’s just say, there wasn’t much. Nice airport though! Got there about 4 am for my 6 am flight. There was a security line – with 3 people in it. Needless to say, I was through that quickly.

Headed to my gate, where there was a restaurant right across the way. I was able to have a decent sit down break fast, taking my time. I felt with Delta, and had upgraded to their Comfort+ seating, so I was able to get on the flight pretty quickly.

Fly Over NYC

I genuinely enjoy Delta, and flown them the most in my adult life. No issues with them on this day. The flight took off and arrived in

Boston – my first layover, without incident.

My next flight didn’t leave until noon – yes – noon. I had a couple of hours to kill, I read my book, had a bagel, and finally got to board my next flight. A Delta Shuttle flight headed to La Guardia in NYC. This was the best flight, for the views. I also didn’t have anyone sitting next to me, in a comfort+ row at that!

The views leaving Boston and arriving to NY were the best. Here’s a couple videos and some great shots! Check out the US Open too!


Fly Over NYC
Fly Over NYC

Then, the last flight was just as uneventful, my final flight into Syracuse. It did take off about 30 minutes late. And was also one of the smallest planes I’ve been on, we had to take a bus to the plane on the tarmac…

But overall, a decent day of flying, even though I was running on an hour of sleep!

I’ll be hiking again this weekend, as well  as next week! Stay tuned!