Diving in Key Largo, FL

You want to know about me? I’m Sarah. I live in Northern New York. Not New York City, not anywhere near New York city actually. I’m in my 20’s. I work full-time as a retail store manager and have been for a few years now. I graduated with my bachelor’s in psychology and my master’s in information technology. I love technology and mostly numbers, data precisely. I have a beautiful golden named Riley. I’m a certified AOW scuba diver.

Once I graduated with my master’s degree, I started my business which takes up most of my free time. I’ve had a lot of personal changes in my life recently, and it’s led me down some new paths – which include traveling. I’ve always loved traveling but didn’t have as much opportunity for it. I work hard, so it’s time I reward myself.

This blog is all about my travel experiences as well as my weight loss. I’ve been working on a healthy lifestyle since early March, 2017 and I’m going strong. It’s more than just a diet – its a lifestyle change. I hope you will follow my journey with me, and maybe be inspired.