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I was never one to spend a lot of money on luggage. I did enjoy having a spinner carry on, and ones I have owned before got the job done – but they were falling apart after just a couple of trips. Screws were coming loose, wheels weren’t rolling as well, you get the point. I saw an add for Away Luggage earlier this year, and made the plunge. I purchased the luggage in early March, and have used it a few times since then. Most recently, the trip to Aruba. I purchased the Bigger Carry-On. Away has two different carry on sizes. The bigger one technically still fits overheard bins, though when I was on a couple of much smaller, regional flights, by bag did have to be gate checked – but most bags had to go under.

So, let me tell you about this luggage. (This is not a paid post in anyway. I promise.) I love it. The biggest feature of Away is the integrated battery charger, which is easily removable if requested by your airline. (Which will happen!) The battery is designed to charge your phone up to 5 times – which is more than enough for one trip, home and back, in the airports.

The bag its self is super cute, I purchased the pink color. It is a very soft pink, really feminine. The wheels roll with ease and the bag feels like a high quality one. Inside the bag there is a lot of thoughtful design. There is a laptop/ipad sleeve, attached to a compression system to help making packing easier. There is a mesh zipper allowing you to separate what you are packing, along with a detachable, waterproof laundry bag. The bag has an integrated, TSA approved lock too!

Overall, I really love this piece of luggage, and honestly, it is big enough for most 3 – 5 days trips without having to bring another piece of luggage!

Check them out here. 

Here’s some photos.

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