Scarface Mountain Hike

Last week, my dad and I hiked Scarface. This is our 5th our of the 6 to complete the Saranac 6. The hike was not my favorite, there were almost no views, but we both knew that going into it. Unfortunately, this was more checking a box. Don’t get me wrong, we did enjoy the hike and it wasn’t difficult, I just love to see the views.

The hike was about 8 miles, and there was one overlook ledge. After that, it was another half mile or so to the summit, which was surrounded by trees and marked with a small white disc on a tree.

Scarface Mountain

Look on the tree to the right, about 3/4 up the photo and you should see the white disc. This was the summit. Nothing overwhelming, that’s for sure. And here is the view from the lookout.

Scarface Mountain

Even though it wasn’t much, it was beautiful up there.

We have one left to complete – McKenzie, which is the tallest of the 6 and the longest. Though, McKenzie does have views! I expect to complete this in the next couple of weeks!

After that, I’m off to complete the 46 high peaks. This is a goal I’ve set for myself – and I want it.

Spring Is Finally Here!

This is not much of a travel related post, I just returned from Aruba and am settling back in at work. Next planned trip is London and Paris at the end of August, 104 days to be exact. I’m hoping there might be some random trips here and there for a day or two in-between, but that is my next planned vacation.

And back here in good old Northern NY, it finally feels like spring. I can take the dog outside in shorts and not freeze to death. The sun was shining bight this morning and its already 50 degrees. Unfortunately, I’ll be inside working until 6 – but – Thursday is my next planned hike!

My dad and I will be hiking Scarface in the Adirondacks, this is our 5th of the 6 Saranac 6er mountains. Hopefully we can conquer the 6th one in the next couple weeks. A year ago, I never would have saw myself being where I am – but I could not be happier.

On that note – don’t settle. You are worth it. Always push for what you want in life, go do what you want to do. Make no compromises on your happiness. There is someone out there for you who doesn’t make anything feel like a compromise, because you are a team.

All About Aruba

Well, I’m back from Aruba. And what an amazing trip! The island is beautiful. Absolutly stunning. The beaches were just as you would have thought – white sand and turquoise waters.

This was my first time going to an all-inclusive resort, and I really did enjoy it. The hotel – Holiday Inn Resort Aruba – was lovely. The hotel is on a quarter mile of Palm Beach with three seperate towers, multiple restaruants and three pools.  The service was also amazing. The waiters were very attentive and the bar staff remembered you.

Aruba 2018
Beach front at the hotel

We did a couple differetn activities when we were there. First, we rented motorized scooters. Let me tell you – these are hard to turn! I ended up falling and eating in hard in a traffic circle, got a little banged up but nothing more than brusies. It was still a neat activity, and allowed you to get around the popualted parts of the island.

Second, we went on a snorkel trip with Jolly Pirates, which was a blast. There were three snorkel stops along with an open bar and lunch served. The ship resembeld an old pirate ship, which was really neat. At the final stop, they had a rope swing and let people “walk the plank,” I highly reccomend this activity!

The final excursion was a UTV ride around the island. This was my favorite thing we did, I loved seeing the different parts of the island, much of which is a desert. We started at the lighthouse and went to the chapel, natural birdge and the nautral pool. The natural pool was by far my favorite thing on the island. It’s in a remote part of the national park, and is only accessible by 4×4 vehicles. Here’s some photos of the natural pool.

The water was clear as can be, though the day we went it was overcast, but still warm. Overall, the vacation was simply amazing. Aruba was a great trip and I’d go back in a heartbeat! Countdown to Europe is on, only 106 more days!

Here are some of my favorite photos. Check out all of them here.

Aruba 2018

Aruba 2018

Aruba 2018

Aruba 2018