Wolf Lake State Forrest Hike

Yesterday was the first really nice day we’ve had. It actually felt like Spring, and even Summer! (The day before was decent, I had to work.) My dad, my dog Riley and I went for a hike. We didn’t do a mountain, but did a loop around some lakes.

Here’s a view of the trail we did. We started at the parking area, and headed to Huckleberry Lake. This was a beautiful lake hidden out here. There was a lean to at each of the lakes as well. The trail was decently well marked, and in good shape. There were a few trees that had fallen we had to work our way around. Once we went past Huckleberry lake and headed to Moon Lake, we decided to just head back to the parking area on the loop instead of making the trek to Wolf Lake.

Wolf Lake State Forrest
Wolf Lake State Forrest
Wolf Lake State Forrest

Starting off on the trail back, we noticed the water seemed to be really high, and soon enough it had engulfed the trail. The actual markers were only inches above the water. We had to improvise and go above the water, but stay close enough to find the trail where the water was lower.

We were really off the trail, and it was a bit frustrating, and exhausting. We found the trail again and then realized the water was high due to a beaver dam! It was a tall dam, the water was pushed back about 8 feet high than it would have been without it. The next half mile or so was the same way, there were 4 more dams down the river that had messed with the trail, in some cases, I think the tress that had the markers had been taken down by the beavers! It was a neat site to see, I even got to see an actual beaver.

Here are some photos of the dam and the damage cased by it. If you look closely, in some of the shots you can see the trail markers either just above the water, or destroyed on the ground.

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Finally, we made it back to the car. Overall, it was a nice escape and a great way to spend a beautiful day outside. One week from tomorrow I’ll be on my way to Aruba!

Check out all the photos from the hike here.

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