Lonely Much?

Well, I’m back from Hawaii. And I still have so much to share with you about that. I even hiked a mountain since I came back home. But, the last week has brought a lot of change to my life.

Not sure you know, but my wedding was called off back in June, and it was supposed to be about two weeks ago now. I’ve gone through a lot emotionally in the past few months. I’ve ended it all – for real, and for what will be the last time. It’s just emotionally draining. It was what was right for me – I’m not doubting that at all –  I just am now realizing so many things.

First off, I’m lonely. I’ve realized I haven’t ate a meal at home with someone else in months. Kinda crazy to think about. I do have friends, don’t get me wrong, but they don’t live near here or have families of their own.

Second, I’m realizing all the shit that I never had done for me. I think I had dinner made for me 10 times. I always took the trash out. I always did the dishes. I always cleaned up after dinner – even though I always made dinner. And it makes me sad – sad that I let that happen to me. Sad that I pretty much was walked all over on. Maybe not that dramatic – but really, how hard is it to cook a girl dinner once in awhile?

So here I am. What’s next? I’d love to move. I want to move. I will move. Where? I’m thinking Boston.

Stay tuned, I’ll share all my travels soon.

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