Weigh In!

So, it’s been almost a MONTH since I’ve posted a weigh in! Don’t worry – I have not fallen off the wagon. If anything, I’m on it more than ever. Right after my last weigh in, I headed to Indy for a few days. It’s harder to eat healthy when you aren’t making your own food. But, I did my best.

I’ve been tracking EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. for 196 days. 196?!?! Crazy!! I’m utilizing weight watchers for those that don’t know, and I love it. So here’s the deets.

Starting weight: 201.0 Pounds
Starting Date: March 11, 2017
Starting BMI: 35.6 (Height 5’3″)
Goal weight: 140ish
Goal BMI: 24 (Healthy range)


Today’s weigh in: 167.4 pounds!
Overall loss of 33.6 pounds! (I HIT 30!!)
Days on Weight Watchers: 196
Current BMI: 29.7 (Down 5.9)

Check out that graph. It really shows you – consistency is key. You CAN do it, you just need to stick to it. Your future self will thank you. And, only you can make this happen. If you don’t want it enough, it won’t happen. And now that I’m at this point – there is NO stopping me. Also! I’ve been going to the gym nearly every day after work for a month now! I’m building muscles and toning up!


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