Adirondack Hike: St Regis Mountain

My dad and I went on another hike today, St Regis Mountain. This is our third of the six for the Saranac 6ers badge. What a great hike it was! The views were stunning and the hike was relatively easy compared to Ampersand.

The first 2 miles of the hike are just a walk through the woods, you go up and you go down. It honestly felt like we lost all the elevation we gained. The trail was pretty muddy – but only in seemingly random areas.

We made it up the trail in two hours and back down in about one and a half. We spent about a half hour at the top having our lunch, taking photos and climbing the fire tower. The views were simply amazing. The leaves were changing, not peak yet, and provided some radiant color.

The elevation gain was 1250 feet, but by time you go up and down, I ended up closer to 1800 total gain. The whole trail was just about 6.7 miles, we were at about 7 miles when we finished. We went off course a tad bit on the way down, not even noticing we were off trail, as there was clearly another path people were taking, which wasn’t on the trail. We noticed quickly, thanks to the top maps and GPS and got ourselves back on.

Here is the best part – the photos!

And here are some of my favorites.

St Regis Mountain
St Regis Mountain
St Regis Mountain
St Regis Mountain

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