So, as I told you, I went to Indianapolis! On Monday, I drove out there with my brother. He is staying there for the summer while interning in the city. He was headed back, and I had the week off, so why not?! I flew home Friday. So Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I was able to explore!

Tuesday I headed into the city pretty early, but went to The Yolk for breakfast! It was delish and they were super fast. Since I was solo, I appreciated their breakfast bar area. Perfect for eating alone! (And it not looking weird, not that I even cared.)

I’ve never been to Indy before, so I took advantage of the Lucas Oil Stadium tour. Lucas Oil Stadium is the home of the Indianapolis Colts, one of the NFL teams. The tour was about two hours long, and you got to see many different parts of the stadium! We started up top, at the press box, down to different suites, and then down to the locker rooms. It was a great experience to say the least! And we ended the tour by walking on the field! Though I am not a Colts fan, it was a great experience. Any sports lover should check it out!

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Wednesday I took advantage of the Pacers Bikeshare! What is that? It’s a bike sharing program in the city. There are 20 – 30 bike stations around the city, it was $8 for day and there were no extra charges as long as your trips were under 30 minutes. Indy has a lot of trails through the city called The Culture Trail, perfect for riding on!

I biked about 10 – 15 miles total. I rode almost the entire Culture Trail, and through the city. Indy is a beautiful city, and it felt so much smaller than it really is. They have a canal on the western side of the city, perfect for a stroll – or a bike ride! I must have rode that 5 times. (I had a lot of time to kill!)

That evening I went to the Indiana Fever WNBA game, that is where my brother is interning! Also a great experience. I enjoy all kinds of sports, so I loved the opportunity to go, second row seats too!


Finally, Thursday, my brother and I headed to Bloomington! Ohio State was playing Indiana at home in football – the first game of the season. Ohio State is ranked 2nd, so it was going to be quite the game! Sadly, IU lost, but what an experience. I’ve never been to a college football game besides Syracuse, so it was really neat to see a larger school playing a ranked team.

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I also had a long day of flights, I’ll save that for the next blog!

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