Adirondack Hike: Coney Mountain, take 2.

fullsizeoutput_2804Today my dad and I, and my dog Riley, hiked Coney Mountain. Sounds familiar? It is! I hiked this one earlier this month when I went solo, but there was no view due to clouds and rain. Today, it was brilliant out! Pretty toasty though, would have preferred much cooler weather.

Riley did well! It was his first hike. We’ve been on countless walks, many longer than today, but never anything with much of an incline. This was a 2 mile hike round trip, and about 500 feet in elevation gain, nothing too crazy.

Views were great! Riley seemed to enjoy himself too, especially the stop in Tupper Lake on the way home to cool off in the water.

I think this will be my last post before I’m off to Hawaii!! (Maybe oneee more before I leave, we’ll see!) We’re off Monday morning!!

All Coney Mountain Photos Here

Coney Mountain
Coney Mountain

Less than a week until Hawaii!

I can’t even believe it. In less than a week, I’ll be in Hawaii. Can you believe it?! Two more days of work separate me from my vacation, and honestly, I don’t believe it. It’s going to feel more real once we get to airport.

I even started packing! Well, I got together the 5 bikinis I bought and packed them. I plan on packing the rest Sunday, the day before we leave. Makes the day go by faster! I’m not sure how often I’ll be posting, but I’ll be sure to share all the travel goodies eventually.

Sadly, I feel like I’m coming down with a cold of sorts. I’ve been taking things for it, I’m hoping it passes here soon!

Tomorrow my dad and I are going on a hike, but we’ll be bringing my dog along! We’re going to at least one mountain, one I did solo before. I didn’t get to see the view that day either, it was crappy weather. Tomorrow is going to be quite warm though.

Here’s to hiking, and here’s to Hawaii!

Weigh In!

So, it’s been almost a MONTH since I’ve posted a weigh in! Don’t worry – I have not fallen off the wagon. If anything, I’m on it more than ever. Right after my last weigh in, I headed to Indy for a few days. It’s harder to eat healthy when you aren’t making your own food. But, I did my best.

I’ve been tracking EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. for 196 days. 196?!?! Crazy!! I’m utilizing weight watchers for those that don’t know, and I love it. So here’s the deets.

Starting weight: 201.0 Pounds
Starting Date: March 11, 2017
Starting BMI: 35.6 (Height 5’3″)
Goal weight: 140ish
Goal BMI: 24 (Healthy range)


Today’s weigh in: 167.4 pounds!
Overall loss of 33.6 pounds! (I HIT 30!!)
Days on Weight Watchers: 196
Current BMI: 29.7 (Down 5.9)

Check out that graph. It really shows you – consistency is key. You CAN do it, you just need to stick to it. Your future self will thank you. And, only you can make this happen. If you don’t want it enough, it won’t happen. And now that I’m at this point – there is NO stopping me. Also! I’ve been going to the gym nearly every day after work for a month now! I’m building muscles and toning up!


Three More Hikes In The Books

I’ve been busy working, then hiking the past week! Can you also believe it is less than two week until HAWAII? But this post is about my hikes.

Yz2cautly5jbljphhkp0o-2esterday, I went on two solo hikes. They were not difficult, and one I have done before. Both were located near Old Forge, NY. Another mountain challenge I was not aware of is called the Fulton Chain Trifecta, this is for three mountains near Old Forge, turns out the first one I did this summer was one of them! The second and third were the ones I did yesterday. One of them I did a couple of years ago, but you need to complete the mountains after March of 2017 for it to count.

The first mountain is Black Bear Mountain, this was a longer hike, almost 5 miles. Views were pretty nice though. I had my lunch up there, all by myself, and it was perfect. Second was Rocky Mountain, a quick .5 mile hike up – and I mean up. I felt like I just hiked .5 miles of tall stairs. Also a sweet view! On the way home I took a couple of photos of the Moose River, the fall colors were too perfect.

Today my dad and I did Haystack Mountain, not to be confused with Mount Haystack which is the 3rd tallest in New York. This was about 6.7 miles round trip, and about 1200 feet in elevation gain, but by time you go up and down, it was closer to 1800 feet. Views were still nice, but not a bald summit. This was our 4th mountain needed to complete the Saranac 6er challenge.

Next week, we’re planning on hiking Coney again – the one I did solo recently, but this time there better be some views! Now, please enjoy some photos! (Check out the links for ALL the goodies.)

Black Bear Mountain Photos   |   Rocky Mountain Photos

Moose River Photos   |   Haystack Mountain Photos

Black Bear Mountain
Black Bear Mountain Summit
Black Bear Mountain
Black Bear Mountain Summit
Black Bear Mountain
Black Bear Mountain Summit
Rocky Mountain Summit
Rocky Mountain Summit
Rocky Mountain Summit
Rocky Mountain Summit
Rocky Mountain Summit
Rocky Mountain Summit
Moose River in the Fall
Moose River
Moose River in the Fall
Moose River
Moose River in the Fall
Moose River
Haystack Mountain - September 2017
Haystack Mountain Summit
Haystack Mountain - September 2017
Haystack Mountain Summit

Adirondack Hike: St Regis Mountain

My dad and I went on another hike today, St Regis Mountain. This is our third of the six for the Saranac 6ers badge. What a great hike it was! The views were stunning and the hike was relatively easy compared to Ampersand.

The first 2 miles of the hike are just a walk through the woods, you go up and you go down. It honestly felt like we lost all the elevation we gained. The trail was pretty muddy – but only in seemingly random areas.

We made it up the trail in two hours and back down in about one and a half. We spent about a half hour at the top having our lunch, taking photos and climbing the fire tower. The views were simply amazing. The leaves were changing, not peak yet, and provided some radiant color.

The elevation gain was 1250 feet, but by time you go up and down, I ended up closer to 1800 total gain. The whole trail was just about 6.7 miles, we were at about 7 miles when we finished. We went off course a tad bit on the way down, not even noticing we were off trail, as there was clearly another path people were taking, which wasn’t on the trail. We noticed quickly, thanks to the top maps and GPS and got ourselves back on.

Here is the best part – the photos!

And here are some of my favorites.

St Regis Mountain
St Regis Mountain
St Regis Mountain
St Regis Mountain

The Tupper Triad

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 9.00.10 PMI went on my first solo hike a few days ago. I went on two easy hikes, just over a mile round trip each and each was about 600 feet in elevation gain. Sadly, the weather was not the best. Low 50s with rain, which meant there were some clouds, so I there was pretty much no view to speak of. But, it wasn’t about the view – it was about me doing something slightly outside my comfort zone. There was no one else at the summit when I was there, and I only saw a handful of people heading down as I was up – and at then end of both hikes, I was the only car in the lot.

It was a great experience to say the least. The cherry on top was learning that I actually had done the three mountains in the Tupper Triad! Three mountains located near Tupper Lake. The three are:

  • Coney Mountain
  • Goodman Mountain
  • Mount Arab

I hiked Arab a little over a month ago. The other two are the ones I did solo. I sent out my info for my patch – my first one! I’ll be sure to share it when it finally arrives!

I didn’t get many photos, there wasn’t much of a view. But here are some of my faves of the ones I did take!



Countdown to Hawaii, the beaches!

Here we go, the beaches of Oahu! We’re getting closer and closer to my trip to Hawaii! Needless to say, I haven’t been this excited for a trip in ages. One of the best parts of the trip will be hanging out on the beach! Here are some of the beaches I plan on visiting while I’m there. This is not an all-encompassing list, but the ones I plan on for sure visiting!

Have you been to Hawaii? What is your favorite beach?

Waimea Bay
Waimea Bay – North Shore
waimanalo beach
Waimanalo Beach – Near Honolulu Area
Lanikai Beach
Lanikai Beach – Kaiua
Waikiki Beach
Waikiki Beach
Ala Moana Beach Park
Ala Moana Beach
Laniakea Beach
Laniakea Beach
Turtle bay Haiwaii
Turtle Bay Beach
Makapu’u Beach

Countdown to Hawaii! The Hikes!

Here is another Hawaii post! It’s only 24 days away?! Crazy it’s so close. Anyway, this post is dedicated to the hikes I plan on to make!

Diamond Head Crater

Diamond Head

I’ll be staying in Honolulu, so hiking Diamond Head is a must! Diamond Head is located right near Honolulu. It’s not a long hike, and only 520 feet in gain, compared to some others I’ve done, this is cake. The views from Diamond Head are the goal, and I can’t wait to share those!

Makapu’u Point Lighthouse Trail

Makapu’u Point Lighthouse Trail

This trail is located near Honolulu as well, a bit longer, 3.3 round trip and 1220 feet in gain. The views from here are gorgeous, there is a lighthouse as well. The entire trail is paved, but no shade!


These are my only two planned hikes at this point, I have a lot of other things planned, I don’t want to only hike the whole time. My next post for Hawaii will feature some of the beautiful beaches I plan on sitting my butt down on and enjoying the waves.

My Trip Home From Indy

I told you I’d share about my trip home! Since my flight was booked last minute, I booked Sunday for travel Friday, I didn’t have the best flight options. I needed to get from Indy to Syracuse, and there is never a direct flight between the two. Usually one stop, but this time, I had two.

My Lift arrived at 3:15 AM to take my to the airport, I’d never traveled out of IND before, and had no clue what to expect. Let’s just say, there wasn’t much. Nice airport though! Got there about 4 am for my 6 am flight. There was a security line – with 3 people in it. Needless to say, I was through that quickly.

Headed to my gate, where there was a restaurant right across the way. I was able to have a decent sit down break fast, taking my time. I felt with Delta, and had upgraded to their Comfort+ seating, so I was able to get on the flight pretty quickly.

Fly Over NYC

I genuinely enjoy Delta, and flown them the most in my adult life. No issues with them on this day. The flight took off and arrived in

Boston – my first layover, without incident.

My next flight didn’t leave until noon – yes – noon. I had a couple of hours to kill, I read my book, had a bagel, and finally got to board my next flight. A Delta Shuttle flight headed to La Guardia in NYC. This was the best flight, for the views. I also didn’t have anyone sitting next to me, in a comfort+ row at that!

The views leaving Boston and arriving to NY were the best. Here’s a couple videos and some great shots! Check out the US Open too!


Fly Over NYC
Fly Over NYC

Then, the last flight was just as uneventful, my final flight into Syracuse. It did take off about 30 minutes late. And was also one of the smallest planes I’ve been on, we had to take a bus to the plane on the tarmac…

But overall, a decent day of flying, even though I was running on an hour of sleep!

I’ll be hiking again this weekend, as well  as next week! Stay tuned!


So, as I told you, I went to Indianapolis! On Monday, I drove out there with my brother. He is staying there for the summer while interning in the city. He was headed back, and I had the week off, so why not?! I flew home Friday. So Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I was able to explore!

Tuesday I headed into the city pretty early, but went to The Yolk for breakfast! It was delish and they were super fast. Since I was solo, I appreciated their breakfast bar area. Perfect for eating alone! (And it not looking weird, not that I even cared.)

I’ve never been to Indy before, so I took advantage of the Lucas Oil Stadium tour. Lucas Oil Stadium is the home of the Indianapolis Colts, one of the NFL teams. The tour was about two hours long, and you got to see many different parts of the stadium! We started up top, at the press box, down to different suites, and then down to the locker rooms. It was a great experience to say the least! And we ended the tour by walking on the field! Though I am not a Colts fan, it was a great experience. Any sports lover should check it out!

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Wednesday I took advantage of the Pacers Bikeshare! What is that? It’s a bike sharing program in the city. There are 20 – 30 bike stations around the city, it was $8 for day and there were no extra charges as long as your trips were under 30 minutes. Indy has a lot of trails through the city called The Culture Trail, perfect for riding on!

I biked about 10 – 15 miles total. I rode almost the entire Culture Trail, and through the city. Indy is a beautiful city, and it felt so much smaller than it really is. They have a canal on the western side of the city, perfect for a stroll – or a bike ride! I must have rode that 5 times. (I had a lot of time to kill!)

That evening I went to the Indiana Fever WNBA game, that is where my brother is interning! Also a great experience. I enjoy all kinds of sports, so I loved the opportunity to go, second row seats too!


Finally, Thursday, my brother and I headed to Bloomington! Ohio State was playing Indiana at home in football – the first game of the season. Ohio State is ranked 2nd, so it was going to be quite the game! Sadly, IU lost, but what an experience. I’ve never been to a college football game besides Syracuse, so it was really neat to see a larger school playing a ranked team.

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I also had a long day of flights, I’ll save that for the next blog!