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So yeah, I know, it’s not Monday. But I figured it was time for a weigh in post! I did buy a new scale. I was using a Fitbit Aria scale, it’s about three – four years old now and it doesn’t want to connect to my wifi, and hasn’t since I last moved over 2 years ago. So, I have a super cool scale that I can’t even really use all the features of.

I had an Apple Gift card, so I bought a Nokia Body+ scale. I love it! Not only does it show my weight, but then my last 8 weigh ins as well as my overall gain/loss. I see my body fat, muscle mass, bone pass, water weight and even the weather. How cool?

So let’s get to the weigh in! (Mind you, this scale has me weighing about .9 more than my old one, so all new data from here on out is on the new scale.)

Starting weight: 201.0 Pounds
Starting Date: March 11, 2017
Starting BMI: 35.6 (Height 5’3″)
Goal weight: 140ish
Goal BMI: 24 (Healthy range)


Today’s weigh in: 170.9 pounds!
Overall loss of 30.1 pounds! (I HIT 30!!)
Days on Weight Watchers: 167
Current BMI: 30.3 (Down 5.3)

I hit 30 pounds lost! It has taken me nearly 6 months – but that’s okay. Slow and steady wins the marathon.

Oh, and we’re under 40 days left till Hawaii!! 39 Days to go!!

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