Plated! I tried it!

So a little over a week ago, I started doing some research on different meal delivery kits. I generally enjoy cooking – but never know what to make or hate actually having to go and gather all the ingredients. So, cue Plated. They seemed to have the best reviews, ease of cooking and the quality of the ingredients was important to me.

Yesterday, my box arrived! I was working, so I didn’t get to bring it in until 9:30 pm, but Plated makes it clear as long as you have it in by midnight on the day of delivery – you are good to go! I opened the box and noticed there is a lot of insulation surrounding the inside of the box. The top layer of food was the ingredients, like flour, corn, lettuce, etc. These were each labeled for the recipe they were packaged for. At the bottom of the box was an ice pack, then my meats – chicken breast – and another ice pack. Both still with a decent amount of solid ice in them.

Here’s a photo of the cute recipe cards they send and some ingredients!




And this evening I made my first meal! I made chicken and monterey jack tortas with corn salad. Let me tell you – I was a little skeptical if I would even like it. I’m somewhat of a picky eater, but I was going to try it all. I made these cute little sandwiches on ciabatta bread, with a bean and onion paste and jalapeños! There was even lime juice!

The main photo is of the recipe from plated, here is mine!


So my food photography could use some work, but it was so good! And I only ate half of the serving, which was 12 WW points!

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