Adirondack Hike: Mount Arab

Two hikes in one week?! Today I hiked Mount Arab, located outside Tupper Lake, in the Adirondacks in New York. Beautiful hike. Though, it was a bit buggy and honestly the top of the mountain had a lot of trees, so the views were a bit hindered. There was a fire tower though, and the views from there were superb.

It was just over 2 miles total, there and back. Just over 2500 feet in elevation, about a 700 foot gain. The trail itself was much easier than Bald Mountain from earlier in the week. It was a muddy though in some spots. Not too hot either, which makes the whole thing easier!

Again, I took some awesome photos! Here is the link to the whole album.

Now to plan the next hike! Not this week, unfortunately my work schedule is a bit shitty – I have tomorrow off but have an eye appointment and then I’m not off for 7 days. #retailproblems.

Nevertheless, here are some of my faves!

Mount Arab - August 2017

Mount Arab - August 2017

Mount Arab - August 2017

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