Hawaii: Wild Side Speciality Tours

Here is my second post on the plans for my Hawaii trip, coming up this fall. I’ve never seen dolphins the wild. I’ve never seen whales either. I do scuba dive, so I’ve seen some sea turtles. I wanted to do some sort of snorkel trip while we where on Oahu, but I didn’t want to do an overcrowded one. A lot of the ones leaving from Honolulu looked like they had over 40 people on the tour at one time. I’d feel more like a herd of cattle than a girl on vacation.

After some searching on Trip Advisor, I ended up booking a tour with Wild Side Specialty Tours. I booked their Best Of The West tour. My mother won’t be going with me, she hates boats. I’m pretty excited – there were almost all positive reviews. This company only allows at most 6 people on a tour at once and they have well educated crews they are all about conservation.

The tour is 3.5+ hours long and includes snorkeling, whale watching as well as dolphin swims. Hope the weather is beautiful that day! I’ll be sure to take photos as well as video to share.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 8.23.59 PMScreen Shot 2017-07-31 at 8.24.12 PM


Monday Weigh In!

It’s another weigh in Monday! I didn’t have as big as a loss as I’d wanted, but it is still a loss, and nothing to be ashamed of! Here are my starting stats!

Starting weight: 201.0 Pounds
Starting Date: March 11, 2017
Starting BMI: 35.6 (Height 5’3″)
Goal weight: 140ish
Goal BMI: 24 (Healthy range)

Weight today: 173.4, total loss of 27.6 pounds!

Weekly loss: – 1 Pound

(I was down to 173, butttt you know how that goes sometimes.)

I’ve been keeping strong for 143 days! It’s nearly my 5 month anniversary too, it will be here soon! So here’s to another strong week!

I have the travel bug.

So, I did something crazy today. I booked myself a trip to London and Paris, crazy right? Well, I love to travel. And I haven’t gotten to do a lot of it. But now, why not?

I booked the trip with EF College Break, as long as you are between 18 – 28, you can book a tour with them. I’m not going anytime soon, its actually next August – and I made sure my birthday was right in the middle of it!

Let me tell you about the trip!

We spend 3 days in London and 3 days in Paris. It’s a guided tour for the most part, the first and second days in London are guided days, the first also includes your arrival and a welcome dinner. The second is a city tour. The third day is a free day to do whatever you want! The next day you travel to Paris via the Eurostar.

What’s the Eurostar? I asked the same thing. It’s a high speed train that travels between London and Paris, as well as some other cities. From what I’ve read, it will take a couple of hours to travel to Paris. The rest of that day we will be sightseeing then ending the evening on a river cruise and seeing the Eiffel Tower.

The next day is more sightseeing and guided tours, and the final full day we are allowed a free day! I did opt for the excursion to the Palace of Versailles – because why not? And then, finally, we head home.

How amazing does all that sound?? And honestly, it didn’t cost that much. It’s about $2800 for the entire trip. Granted, I still need spending money for food and anything extra – but that $2800 includes flights, travel and all accommodations.

And with EF College Break, you can pay monthly, with no interest as long as you do Autopay. So I’m paying a little over $200 a month for the next 12 months to pay for my trip – again how cool? (I did pay some upfront.)

So I’ll keep you posted on this. I do plan on taking at least one more trip with this company after this one, I turn 27 next year during this trip!

(Which means I turn 26 here in a month!!)

When life gives you lemons…

Sometimes, shit happens. Sometimes, it sucks. Sometimes, you just have to go through some tough shit to move on to the better shit. And that’s where I’m at now.

So this is the quote I’m living by.

“Better to be at the bottom of a ladder you want to climb than in the middle of some ladder you don’t, right?”

How true. I may now be at the bottom of a ladder, but it’s the right ladder. It’s a tall ladder, with a lot of shit on the bottom, but worth it.


So when life gives you lemons, you make the best damn lemonade you’ve ever had.

Momentum Keeps Me Going

I know it’s not Monday. But, like I told you Monday, I do weigh myself daily. And today I was down below another number I haven’t seen in years. I won’t tell you the number, I don’t want to spoil Monday!

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to post about today, I  had today and yesterday off, I was able to get a lot done around the house. I even went out to dinner last night and had an amazing chicken sandwich with a ciabatta roll. I also had a piece of chocolate fudge cake. It was very good – the sandwich and the cake. So why did I have the cake? I planned for it. I had a small breakfast and healthy lunch, so I was able to spare my points. I also went for a 1.5 mile walk during the day.

I don’t have desert often mind you – it’s rare, I’ve had desert maybe 5 times since starting weight watchers over 130 days ago. And most of those were when I traveled for work to Atlanta, and they fed us!

I know it’s okay to have cake now and then, just not every single day. I use an app called Momentum to track my daily habits. Once you start checking off the days for something, it’s harder to stop doing whatever the habit is. You see the days grow and it psychologically keeps me going. I also tracing brushing my teeth twice a day – sounds stupid, but sometimes at night I get lazy! (Who doesn’t – admit it.) With this app, I know I have to log if I did or didn’t do it – and I have to keep my streak alive!

You could honestly use it for any habit! You can set it for a certain number of days a week, like working out 5 days a week. If you track five days in the week, you’re good.

What are some other habits you track? Or ones you think would be beneficial to track?

Countdown to Hawaii, 69 Days To Go!

So, I’ve you’ve been reading, you know I’m headed to Hawaii in October. In anticipation, I’m going to share some of the cool things we have planned! I share them over the next couple of months. Today I’ll share the helicopter tour!

3912e8_small_OahuYes! A helicopter tour! How awesome? Hawaii is such a beautiful place, with so much to see. So why not see it all from the air? I did some researching on Trip Advisor and ended up booking a tour with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters.

We will be on Oahu for the trip and booked the complete island tour. That little image gives you a good idea oh the area we will cover on the tour. The area that is highlighted is covered. The tour is supposed to take about an hour, so it’s a lot of ground to cover in an hour!

I’ve never been in a helicopter before, but the reviews for this company were amazing. People really seemed to enjoy it! Here are some photos taken on Oahu!

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 3.15.04 PM
Pearl Harbor
Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 3.14.57 PM
Waikiki Beach – The farthest hotel to the right on the beach is where we will stay.
Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 3.14.13 PM
Makapu’u Point – A Lighthouse trail we plan to visit
Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 3.13.53 PM
Kualoa Ranch
Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 3.13.42 PM
Koolau Moutains
Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 3.13.12 PM
Diamond Head

Monday Weigh In!

Im officially making Monday my weigh in post day. I actually weigh myself nearly every day, it’s interesting to see the ups and downs. I can really see how my previous days choices affected me. I only track my weight for WW once or twice a week, though there has been a couple times where I missed a week for weigh-ins.

Today is day 136 for weight watchers! Crazy right? I can’t believe it either. Here are some starting stats for you:

Starting weight: 201.0 Pounds
Starting Date: March 11, 2017
Starting BMI: 35.6 (Height 5’3″)
Goal weight: 140ish
Goal BMI: 24 (Healthy range)

And here is the best part – my weight loss graph!

Image-1 copy

Today I weighed in at 174.4 pounds, making for a total of 26.6 pounds lost! I’m averaging about 1.4 pounds a week since I started. The graph doesn’t lie, you can see where I went up a bit, you can tell where I missed some weigh-ins too. But I still tracked my food – and that is the key!

I used to be a tight size 12 jeans, I now fit into my old size 10’s easily – even after they come out of the dryer! I’ve lost 14.2% of my bodyweight – another crazy fact. My BMI started at 35.6 – which is considered obese class 2! As of today, I am down to 30.8, which is in the obese class 1 range of 30 – 34.99. I’m almost out of the obese range. I never saw myself as obese – I still don’t honestly.

70 Days until Hawaii too! I can’t wait.


Finding who I am.

So, I’ll be frank. I’m going through a lot in life right now. I’m not one to post it all over the internet, but it’s be hard. Nothing by any means life threatening or health related, I am fine in that aspect. It’s more relationship related. I’ve been in a relationship for nearly 6 years – we’ve been engaged for almost two. About a month ago, we called off the wedding for now – it was supposed to be this fall.

Since then, life has been different for me. We’re still together, and still care about each other, but just need to find ourselves. I’m pretty young, and we started dating when I was only 20. We have a lot together, not just things but a life we’ve made together.

I’m trying to find out who I am, as just a person by myself. How do I define myself? What do I really love to do? If its just me, what am I? Who am? A lot of philosophical stuff going on it seems. It’s led me down some different roads, like trying to keep this blog back up, as a place to express myself.

I won’t talk about this a lot here, it’s a hard subject for me and usually makes my eyes tear up. It’s just sad. It makes me sad that all the planning and work I had been doing for what would have been my dream wedding to be worthless, that it was a waste it feels like. It doesn’t mean it won’t happen for me again, but as of now that dream is over.

That is why my mom and I are headed to Hawaii, it was meant to be a honeymoon, but, well, it was paid for, so why not still go on a great trip with your mom?

So, today, I worked. I came home and worked on moving my office for my business to a new room in the house. My business is an important part of my life, and I do enjoy it. In case you didn’t know, I own a business on top of working a full time job. I never thought the business would turn out how it did, crazy how those things happen!

Well, that’s all the crying I can do for this evening. (ha ha. I’m okay people.)


Goodnight, and thank you for reading.

My Hawaii Countdown!

73 Days! I did mention briefly in my last post that my mother and I are headed to Hawaii this October, in 73 days to be exact! I’m pretty excited. I love to travel, I have been a few places. I went to Europe about 9 years ago, more recently I’ve been down to the Florida Keys, Chicago, Boston, NYC and the Outer Banks in North Carolina. I’ve never really been to a beach with palm trees. Sounds silly, right? The outer banks were gorgeous, but it wasn’t your picturesque white sandy beaches. The keys were beautiful, but there are not a lot of beaches, it mostly rocky coastline.

I’ve seen beautiful places, but cannot wait to see Hawaii. We’re traveling to Oahu and staying in Honolulu. I didn’t want to stay anywhere crazy expensive, but wanted to stay some place as close to the beach as we could. My mom won’t be going on some of the excursions with me, so I wanted to be sure she was close to the beach.

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 4.22.20 PM.pngWe’re staying at the Park Shore Waikiki. It looks beautiful. Nothing crazy, but right across the street from the beach and at the end of the strip!

Here’s a photo of the hotel. Now, I know this doesn’t nearly do it justice. So let me share some more. The hotel has a couple of restaurants, and here is the view from one of them!

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 4.24.20 PM.png

You just can’t go wrong there. How beautiful is that view. But it gets better. Just wait. Here is the view from the room, not the exact one, but we are in an Oceanfront room.

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 4.24.47 PM.png

Also amazing. So I’ll be post somethings periodically about the trip, like our plans and things we have booked for the week. Here’s to the countdown and my on going weightless in preparation!

How far I’ve come.

Hey. So, here is my one millionth attempt at blogging. I’ve tried before, but I never seem to stick with it. I’ve also tried losing weight, and until this year, I haven’t had much luck with that either.

March of this year I started Weight Watchers. And here I am, 133 days later, still going strong. So, I figured I should share my journey if anyone out there wants to read it. And so on my “weak” days, I have something to read back on to see how far I’ve come.

I started my journey at the heaviest I’ve ever been, 201 pounds. I tried losing weight different ways, and its not that they didn’t work, its that I didn’t stick with it. I’ve done calorie counting using Lose It and MyFitnessPal. I successfully completed the 21 day fix. All those worked for me, but I didn’t stick with it. I gave up.

So, one of my employees at work had started weight watchers. I had also tried weight watchers before, maybe twice, and never made it more than a couple weeks. But, having someone do this with me made it easier. So I started out, again, from the top.

It wasn’t always easy, I’ve come a longways in the last 133 days. I’ve learned its okay to splurge on a desert once in awhile. I’ve learned that when you eat that desert, 10 minutes later, will it really matter if you had that?

The one thing I’ve done the whole time is track. Good or bad, track. Don’t lie to yourself, its okay if you go over, just count it. I’ve lost just over 25 pounds since then, down to 175 now, which I haven’t been at in about 2 years. I still have about another 40 to go to get down to a weight that is healthy for my height.

What made the difference this time? I wanted it more. I didn’t use excuses, I just did it. I made it easier for myself, found foods I enjoyed that were easy to make and I could make in advance. I stopped eating out for lunch and brought my lunch – almost every single day but one.

So, I’ll keep you posted on my journey. In 73 days my mother and I are headed to Hawaii! Cannot wait to go, and I cannot wait to feel comfortable with my body too.